Lot’s of surface rust, and very minor pitting, starting to kick in on the case coloring area of my Ruger New Vaquero’s.  Heard this happens quite a bit, since Ruger’s case coloring is just an acid type wash, and not the way cool case color hardening.

Guess the NJ soupiness is another reason to leave the Garden State.  Talk about one unfriendly area to gun owners.

Overall though, this give my New Vaquero a nice used antique look.

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4 Responses to Rust

  1. Sebastian says:

    You need a safe with some desiccant. It will do the trick. Even if you just have pistols, a small safe with a little silica will fix the problem.

    • I’ll check it out. Also have to get back in the habit of wiping them down after each shoot. Need to practice *controlled low rent antiquing*, regular *low rent antiquing* might not be the way to go.

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  3. Drew458 says:


    I’m sure you’ll get lots of advice for this oil or that one. Here’s my 2¢, from a gun owner over in the western part of the NJ swamp.

    Try TSI-301. It’s a synthetic penetrant and lubricant. It’s made up in Bergen County in Northvale, and the stuff works. It was originally made to prevent corrosion in steam radiator pipes, but it works on guns just fine. It will even remove light surface rust. I’ve been using it for ages, and I have no rust on any of my weapons. It will not remove browning from antique guns, and has no effect on real color case hardening.

    It makes a heck of a gun cleaner too, and once you’ve cleaned and swabbed the barrel it tends to pick up less lead and copper fouling. Plus it smells lemony fresh, which can make domestic partners happier with gun cleaning in the house.

    78w, exit 15

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