Think Your 12g Shotgun is Safe?

Think again.  Duh Maher (aka Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC) wants them, and various rifles tracked, and regulated just like handguns.  And if he has his way, it’ll be NYC style purchase/possession.  Who?  What?  Why? and why again?  Are you sure?  You don’t say?  When then, we’ll be in touch when your permit is ready.

And don’t forget, Jersey City Police Chief Comey says 1880’s technology (aka pump action) is assault weaponry, suitable only for the Police.

Seems Mayors Against Guns’ wishlist is out.

Head over to Snowflakesinhell for more…….

Also interesting to hear that Duh Maher wants to bring back REAL ID.  I stopped following that, since it appeared so many States were against for so many different reasons.

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2 Responses to Think Your 12g Shotgun is Safe?

  1. beatbox says:

    Where does it talk about 12g shotguns?

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