Watch Lists

Seems I bumped into a gentleman who is actually on one of various watch lists that are so in vogue today.

Naturally I found it interesting, that a man with a name as common as John Smith, does about travel and firearm purchases.  He told me that he used to always get detained at airports, and purchases constantly getting delayed.

I asked him how’d he get himself off the list?  You’re NEVER *off the list* once Homeland Security has you in their sights he explained.  As he found from the FBI.

What did you have to do then? I inquired.  He said he new somebody at the FBI, who said he had to supply old school ink’d fingerprints, and turn them into the FBI, then eventually he got a card, with a number that he has to use for air travel, and firearm purchases.  And so far, no problems it seems.

But if legislation passes that prevents people *suspected* of something, without due process, he would no longer be able to purchases firearms, and who knows about his air travel.

Yet, it warms the cockles of my heart knowing that Schumer says we have the court system to challenge one’s listing on these secret lists.

This is what I was told was this fellow shooter’s story.  You’re mileage may vary.

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