Long Range

Not sure what the deal is, but I wasn’t able to come even close to hitting a steel plate at 200yards yesterday. To be clear, the boolit wasn’t even making it that far, had a 12 o’clock hold going, and the spotters were saying I was hitting the ground at around 190 yards.


I was using a 200grain Big Loob 44caliber boolit sitting on top of 35grains of Diamondback FFFg.

And it’s reported that the 44.40 was accurate out to 500/600 yards wwaayy back when.

So I’m definitely doing something wrong. Unless it was the spotters, cause as we all know, it’s never ever operator error.

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2 Responses to Long Range

  1. Anon E. Mouse says:

    I suspected the trajectory of that particular round would be quite high & arcing like a basketball, so there might be quite a bit of drop at that range– perhaps enough to cause you to shoot low? I noticed you were using a 12 0’clock hold on that target which added to my suspicions. It depends on what distance your sight are zeroed at, but the charts at The Sportsman’s Guide indicate that, with a 50 yd. zero, a 200 gr. soft point bullet coming out of a 24″ bbl at 1190 fps will land 44.6″ low–that’s roughly 3 ft. 8.6 in! If your zeroed at 100yd, that same loading will still be 33.1″ low, almost 3 ft! So depending on terrain, your actual zero, and your exact loading you will have to hold over quite a bit in order to score a hit. Maybe consider a tang sight adjustable for elevation and designed for that cartridge. Or you could zero farther out–then you would have to hold over less, but you would then have to hold UNDER quite a bit at closer ranges, which most shooters find difficult to do.

    This cartridge was replaced by the .30-30 for a reason–the .30-30 is much flatter & is usually zeroed at 200yd, drop gets large after that but the rise is only a few inches inside that range. Much easier to use for hunting as a consequence.

  2. Old NFO says:

    Yep, something IS odd on that…

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