USPSA: In Black

Shot a local USPSA match yesterday, signed up for Single Stack in Minor, since real black can’t deliver the power factor needed for major.  Maybe, just maybe, SWISS 3f can squeak by…..and what about Triple Seven?  Triple Seven is noted to be 15% hotter than any black powder in each grade, so that’s a possibility, but that’s a black powder substitute, and we don’t need to discuss such things here.

On a side note, there are stories of old timers from days of yore using duplex loads of various grades of black to deliver the goods, but that’s note something I confident in doing for various reasons.

Anyway, things went well on the first stage, at the end of the second stage, there was a few failure to feeds.  So I took a bore snake and ran it through.  Turns out on the third stage it didn’t help.  Got two shots off before it stopped feeding.  I figured I was just limp wristing it.  So I finished the match using smokeless and my other 1911.

So this morning I took my Colt apart to clean it, and noticed quite a bit of fouling in the chamber, so much that a cartridge couldn’t fit.  I thought this was odd, since I’ve never had this problem before.  Maybe it was the weather?  It was sorta of dry, and fouling from black is best kept moist, and there was a lack of moisture in the chamber area.  Could have been a lack of loob?  Maybe the lead absorbed the loob?  Who knows……

Lesson of the day is to bring basic cleaning sply’s.  A quick swab of Windex after each stage would have prevented this.

Shit happens I reckon.

(but I did get complements on delivering the big BOOMS)


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5 Responses to USPSA: In Black

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  3. les says:

    this thread is useless without video!

  4. Lyle says:

    This is why God invented the 45 Colt– he saw that the 45 automatics were jamming on fouling and needed more powder capacity, so he came up with the revolver and the longer case. Next came the improved percussion revolvers, which improved on the 45 Colt by eliminating the troublesome metal case, along with it’s attendent cleaning, trimming, sizing capping and loading hassles. The more modern and sophisticated percussion system acts as its own bullet sizer, needs no case, and can be loaded with different charges and projectiles, in the field, with no mechanical adjustments to anything. The entire loading system, consisting of a loading lever and bullet ram, is built into the gun and is self-adjusting to the desired load.

    And yeah Man; video.

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