Bloomberg: Christie is anything BUT pro-gun or pro-nra

Well here’s a big ‘DUH!!’ to Duh Mayatollah…..

But here’s some funny;

.Knowing that Christie is on the short list of possible vice presidential nominees, and that Mitt Romney wants to pick a conservative running mate, probably one that is going to defend the right to bear arms, Bloomberg apparently tried to affect the selection process by painting Christie as anything but pro-NRA and pro-gun

While everybody can have their laugh for the morning, cause we all know Christie isn’t anything close to being pro-gun or pro-nra, so Bloomberg doesn’t have to work too hard, but Bloomberg IS trying to smear Christie because he isn’t goosestepping to Duh Maytollah’s demands, and if you aren’t goosestepping, then you are a balls to the wall pro-gun extremist here in NJ.

Unrelated but still funny, and annoying is how people say NJ has easy access to guns;

Forty-nine states have laws allowing people to carry concealed weapons and Bloomberg believes voters should hold the nation’s leadership responsible for easy access to guns.

But we all know what they mean by ‘easy access’….that if you are even approved for gun ownership in NJ, then NJ’s gun laws are too lax……but that 49 State thing….we know where that idea comes from, and if anybody actually believes that NJ has CCW for Eddy Punchclock, then they are really touched in the head, and are the paranoid ones.


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