Masking Tape Gun

Have been doing much blogging this year, nor have I been doing much trigger time, other things known as life tend to get in the way of things.

This past weekend I went on a local art walk, some good stuff, some not so good stuff….but I stumbled upon a woman who works with black masking tape (she dabbles with black, just like I do….), as you can see with the above photo, and you can see more of her work HERE.

About Cemetery's Gun Blob

Cemetery's Gun Blob
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4 Responses to Masking Tape Gun

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  2. Old NFO says:

    Interesting, and I’ll bet the looney left artists were having kittens!!!

    • Not really sure about the kittens, she was actually getting compliments and inquiries of purchase before it went one sale at a showing last year. I was hoping to purchase it myself, but I got skunked. If you cruise her website, you’ll see a big Calamity Jane portrait. Not quite the feminist hero type of the left, but interesting nonetheless.

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