MoveOn got Moved Along


There was a MoveOn protest outside of NJ Rep Leonard Lance’s Office today, by looks of it, you’d be hard pressed to figure out who the haters are…..

Here’s a report from the “Front Lines” in Westfield NJ: from one of our members Dave R.

The Move On crowd was very disappointed that we were there, and WE WERE
STRONG! It started-out about equal in numbers, and then we got more
people to show-up than they did! We out-powered their PA system with
our chanting, we had more people & more signs. We had several Gadston
flags. NBC-4 from NYC was there with a cameraman & Reporter Pat
Battle. She interviewed some of both sides, and brought-up “Assault
Weapons” and how the 2A wasn’t intended to be used to defend assault
weapons, to which our responder said that “the Bible is 2K years old, so
do we throw that out too?”.

A passerby (unknown to us) drove to Dunkin Donuts and bought us A box of
Joe and a dozen donuts & brought it all back for us to have in the
cold! The Move-On crowd started dissipating only an hour after the
Protest started, but we hung in there and made sure the entire area was
picked-up garbage-wise. NJ2AS was there for at least 3/4 hour longer
than Move-On. A lot of us went in to the Congressman’s Office to give
our thanks for his support of the 2A, including myself.

I and several others got a chance to speak with one of the other side’s
Protestors. She’s from Alabama. We told her about how some of the
proposed laws don’t make any sense, and outlined specifics. By the time
we parted ways, she not only saw our side of the story, but agreed with
me that our Politicians in Trenton are either ignorant or just plain
screwing with us, especially in reference to the proposed .50 cal ban
and how it would affect flintlocks and cap locks due to bad wording of
the Bill. When I pointed out that this is the third time “her side” is
trying this BS and since they all make 6 figure incomes & are supposed
to be smart, she got upset at the Politicians and said, “I see what you
mean” & ” My brother is a reenactor and uses old black powder guns. Why
would anybody want to ban them?” I told her that the proposed Bills
were deliberately written the way they were as an attempt at
gun-grabbing. She stated she thought she might be “on the wrong side”.

Everyone was orderly, the Cops were O-K with us and warned us to move
our vehicles if they were parked in an adjacent private lot, which was
nice of them.

Photo from Move-Along

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3 Responses to MoveOn got Moved Along

  1. davidc says:

    Way to go !

  2. Old NFO says:

    Nicely done, and thanks for stepping up!

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