Another Successful Counter Protest


There was a counter protest to the gun haters outside of Rep Jon Runyan’s office the other day….and a counter protester had this to say…..

When I arrived today, there were a few pro Second Amendment people mulling around on the sidewalk in front of the office. As I was walking toward the building I saw no
anti-Second Amendment protesters on the sidewalk but noticed a few arriving and parking their cars. Several of the cars had out of state tags. When I got down to the group that were there to counter the protesters, the anti Second Amendment group started taking up their position along the curb. The number of Anti protesters was approximately 5 or 6 and only grew to approximately 10 to 12 people from my count. The members from our groups were approximately 10-15 at first, but grew to about 70 people. The entire time was very non confrontational until two anti Second Amendment protesters interjected themselves into the middle of our group and became loud and abit disrespectful. I stepped in and reminded our members not to engage and to be above their level. I immediately received a sincere apology from one of our Pro Second Amendment protesters and there was no more words exchanged and I suggested the Anti return to their original spot with their own group and not look for a confrontation because it would not happen. The anti people were looking for a fight and we were not going to give it to them. The vehicles driving past us were honking for our group  predominantly and giving the thumbs up, although there were one or two who told us we were number one by raising the middle finger to us. The Anti Second Amendment group started to leave at 4:40 and by 5:05 they had all left and our group proclaimed it a success for The Right To Keep and Bear Arms and we all left.

Scott H

You’ll notice by this counter protester’s report that the gun haters had to ‘import’ support, and encouraged outside agitator’s to try and cause disruption, and who knows what else.

Photo by Richard David via NJgunforums.

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3 Responses to Another Successful Counter Protest

  1. davidc says:

    Good show !!

  2. Old NFO says:

    Good, and yeah, imported (probably union members) protesters is becoming the norm rather than the exception!

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