Good for the Goose, good for the Gander

Looks like a Jewish group here in NJ is pushing the smart gun law, but not only for Joe and Jane Public, but for Law Enforcement as well…..

We would like to see some kind of user recognition, so that if a gun gets taken from a cop, no one else can use it, or if a parent’s gun gets left out accidentally, a kid can’t use it,” said Rabbi Elliott Tepperman of Bnai Keshet, the Reconstructionist congregation in Montclair.



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3 Responses to Good for the Goose, good for the Gander

  1. davidc says:

    I agree, if there is to be such a law, the police should be included !

  2. AndyN says:

    As I recall, “smart gun” technology was first envisioned as a safety measure for cops, so that if a cop had his gun taken from him while struggling with someone he was trying to arrest he couldn’t have it used against him. It wasn’t a big surprise that politicians kept trying to force it on everybody else after cops rejected it. I wish I actually believed there was some chance that they won’t exempt cops from whatever law gets passed.

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