Coming to NJ: Ammunition Limits??

Here in NJ, the latest burpings from the antigunblobby has been a push on magazine reductions, from a scary 15 round to a more civilized 10 rounds they say…….

So gunnies have been doing their diligence with contacting the local yokel critters who live in Trenton, and one fellow gunnie got this response back and posted on the bookface;

Dear Mr. xxxxxxx

This magazine limit reduction from 15 to 10 rounds sounds terribly arbitrary to me.

Last voting session, I voted ‘no’ to this bill, which I consider “feel good” legislation with 10 rounds being, again somewhat arbitrary. For every person killed by a lunatic with the 11th round, there are just as many killed by a lunatic with the 6th round.

If anything, our focus should possibly be, with the exception of certain hunters, on the aggregate ammunition any one person can have in their possession at any one time, not necessarily capacity/rounds.

By the way, last session, this bill was not posted in the Senate. Even if it passes both houses this time, I am sure the Governor will veto the bill and there are not enough votes for an override.


Jack M. Ciattarelli

See that?  Ammunition limits are next on the radar…….and by golly, he’s one of the Republicans who are supposed to be our knights in shining armor to protect us and our rights from the mongol hordes of Democrats……..

Fuck Him.

You can find contact info for Assemblyman Ciattarelli HERE

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6 Responses to Coming to NJ: Ammunition Limits??

  1. Roger Tranfaglia says:

    Well golly gee lets limit mags to 3 rounds! If we can’t stop the perp with 3 rounds tough cookies.

  2. Lee Cruse says:

    I think that the Kunming China knife killings (33 dead, 130+ injured) should bring a lot of doubt into the whole idea of limits on CCW. How many shots would it take to stop such a group of criminals? I do not know and you do not know and in fact there is no way to know how many rounds will be needed for protection. Police, even well meaning police, can not be everywhere and carry the burden of protection for individuals. So, your protection is solely your responsibility and for that responsibility 2A prevents government from “infringement” on the tools needed. NJ, and much of the liberal NE states are way behind on the curve of revoking these negative/restrictive gun regulations.

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  4. Mort says:

    Gun control laws are there to control the honest people by the politicians and protect the criminals!
    Vote the democrats out while you still have a vote!

  5. John says:

    So he thinks mag limits are arbitrary, but that there should be limits on the amount of ammo one can own? BTW, what hunter would “need” to stock tons of ammo beyond what any other citizen would own? This guy is as clueless as the people he is arguing against, he just happens to be an R instead of a D.

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