Nice rack. And yes, I’m talking about the guns on the wall. Looks like there’s a SxS shotgun on the bottom, and possibly a muzzleloader on top. I thought it was a lever gun, but I don’t see a lever.

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As a matter of fact I did.

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Where is everybody?

Zuccotti Park last night from the northwest corner. Guess everybody was still out for the cyber Monday sales.

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Not sure about you, but I’d rather not be on the business of that rifle……

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Colt Government 1911: In Black


Finally broke in my Colt Government 1911. Ran 50 rounds of real black without a single hiccup, ate it up like nobody’s business.

Two Thumbs Up for Colt!!

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Fear Mongering in NJ

Seems like that rag Mother Jones has a map supplied to it by the Legal Community Against Gun Ownership Violence that references various states CCW laws.

Yes, NJ is on the map for allowing guns in bars and places of worship. Problem is, try getting a CCW in the Garden State and get back to me.

I just wonder when Bryan Miller will be screaming ‘gun lobby this’ and ‘gun lobby that’ regarding these places that let you carry. But like I said, good luck getting that CCW.


H/T to Shall Not Be Questioned

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Smith & Wesson?

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Long Range

Not sure what the deal is, but I wasn’t able to come even close to hitting a steel plate at 200yards yesterday. To be clear, the boolit wasn’t even making it that far, had a 12 o’clock hold going, and the spotters were saying I was hitting the ground at around 190 yards.


I was using a 200grain Big Loob 44caliber boolit sitting on top of 35grains of Diamondback FFFg.

And it’s reported that the 44.40 was accurate out to 500/600 yards wwaayy back when.

So I’m definitely doing something wrong. Unless it was the spotters, cause as we all know, it’s never ever operator error.

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Speed Rifle

At Comin’ at Cha, I couldn’t seem to break the 8 sec mark during speed rifle.

Not sure how much it’s me, or my equipment. I’m using original Winchesters, and they’re quite fickle at the most inconvenient of times….

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Car Searched

So about two hours west of Nashville TN, I get my car searched.

I have no idea how that came about, but in hind sight, I should have asked why the need to search my car came up.

Basically, I said no, and asked for a search warrant or a supervisor. I was told they don’t need either to bring out the dog, and if the dog likes my car, then no warrant is needed.

Bring on the dog then I said, was told ok, but if the dog gets to happy, it’s too bad about any potential damage.

Nice right? Do what we want or your car gets trashed basically.

Out comes the dog, a male German Shepard, who don’t give two shits about my car. And anybody with a brain could tell he was just happy to get some fresh air and chase some squirrels.

So of course the LEO says the dog likes my car, and now comes the fun.

They didn’t give two shits about the guns, they just wanted to search for narcotics.

But other than having any of my remaining 4A rights pissed on, the whole thing was surreal. I mean these guys were polite as can be, and very friendly. Not anything like what I have to deal with at home. Felt like the whole thing was a joke. And I mean this in a way that goes far far beyond LEO’s trying to be your buddy in a way that gets you to slip up.

Yet it is unnerving when local law enforcement comes out of the car looking like our soldiers in Iraq, minus the helmets. Last time I checked, I-40 wasn’t in a war zone.

UPDATE: I should note that even those these LEO’s were on duty, they still got that twinkle in their eye when they got to check out some cowboy guns.

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