About Me

Well, I’m a gunnie who resides in the urban milieu of the Garden State.

While I’ve been around guns all my life, I never had an interest in shooting till 2005.

Sure, I shot BB guns with friends as a kid, and thought I was cool shooting up cans in various backyards, but that don’t count.

My Father taught my Brother and I about gun safety, but none of us can recall exactly what was taught.  Nonetheless, my Brother and I have a respect for firearms, that unfortunately, doesn’t seem to be, or simply can’t be taught these days to children without mass hysterics ensuing.

Not sure what triggered it, but I became interest in shooting some of my Father’s Winchesters, but up till that point, he hadn’t shot any guns for about 30yrs, and didn’t know where to go to do so.  So for a few months, I hemmed and hawwed about it.  Looked into safety training, but didn’t book myself into a class.

Then Katrina happened.

Then either Bush or the guy who was running FEMA at the time said on national TV that the government has no duty to protect or provide for it’s citizens.  It was a done deal at that point.  I made the call to a local gun safety instructor and booked myself into a class.  I figured that if all hell broke out in the NYC area, I’d be totally on my own, and let’s face facts here, the NYC area has how many millions of people in it?  I can’t even fathom what would happen if some sort of disaster hit this area.  So I decided it would be best for me to look into getting a gun and learning how to use it safely, and proficiently.

I also wasn’t a fan of the Bush Administration, and I sorta figured by being a gun owner, I was in a way, being politically defiant.  A finger in the air gesture that said I can take care of myself since the government wasn’t going to take care of me.

A few years later, I’m still here.  Constantly learning about my guns, other guns, and doing my best to fend off information overload.