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MoveOn got Moved Along

There was a MoveOn protest outside of NJ Rep Leonard Lance’s Office today, by looks of it, you’d be hard pressed to figure out who the haters are….. Here’s a report from the “Front Lines” in Westfield NJ: from one … Continue reading

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Masking Tape Gun

Have been doing much blogging this year, nor have I been doing much trigger time, other things known as life tend to get in the way of things. This past weekend I went on a local art walk, some good … Continue reading

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1860 McCollough Colt

In 1861, after Texas seceded from the union, and all the federal troops left the Texas frontier forts, Ben McCullough cut a deal with Sam Colt to ship 1,000 of the new Colt 1860 Army revolvers to Texas for frontier … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines Day

Vintage Valentines Day Cards Geez, I wonder how unhinged the antigunblobby will get over these………

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Cemetery Gun

Turns out there was actually such a thing as a ‘cemetery gun’ (aka ‘set gun’ or ‘alarm gun’).  Seems the Museum of Mourning Art at Arlington in PA has one on display. They were used in cemeteries during the 18th … Continue reading

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Manger Zombies

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