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Coming to NJ: Ammunition Limits??

Here in NJ, the latest burpings from the antigunblobby has been a push on magazine reductions, from a scary 15 round to a more civilized 10 rounds they say……. So gunnies have been doing their diligence with contacting the local … Continue reading

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What NJ State Senators think of Gun Owners

seems some microphones were left on after the Senate Budget Committee hearing today (5/09)

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State Sen Weinberg isn’t happy….

Today is day one of gun control hearings in the NJ Senate, the pro gun community has turned out with a such a crowd, that State Senator Weinberg is unhappy that her hired goons and cronies don’t have front row … Continue reading

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NJ2AS calls the NJ State Police

NJ2AS called up the NJ State Police to see what all the hub-bub is regarding background checks, and NICS delays. And remember, Mayor Bloomberg supports NJ’s system.

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The Truth About Gun Buybacks Revealed

Everybody knows that gun buybacks are just high profile ‘cash for clunker’ programs….what’s the harm in getting $100 or more for a busted up cap and ball gun that’s worthless as even a paperweight? Everybody knows that when they say … Continue reading

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Gun Owner Harrassment in NJ

Seems a father posted a photo of his son holding a scary black .22 rifle on Facebook….but it seems somebody wet the bed about a young boy holding evil incarnate and somehow DYFS (Division of Youth and Family Services) came … Continue reading

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MoveOn got Moved Along

There was a MoveOn protest outside of NJ Rep Leonard Lance’s Office today, by looks of it, you’d be hard pressed to figure out who the haters are….. Here’s a report from the “Front Lines” in Westfield NJ: from one … Continue reading

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