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Another Successful Counter Protest

There was a counter protest to the gun haters outside of Rep Jon Runyan’s office the other day….and a counter protester had this to say….. When I arrived today, there were a few pro Second Amendment people mulling around on … Continue reading

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Lautenberg Response to Project Gun Walker

A number of weeks ago, when news of Project Gun Walker broke, I contacted NJ’s Senator Frank Lautenberg about this issue.  I forgot what I said, since I expected no response, but today, I got this in my email; Dear … Continue reading

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NJ Legislative Bills

Surprised to see so little action on the legislative front here in the Garden State.  I went to the NJ Legislature website, and searched using the following terms : Firearms Guns Ammunition And here’s what sparked my interest (you’re mileage … Continue reading

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For the NJ readers who support CCW Reform; SIGN THE PETITION

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The New Face of Gun Rights Friendly Government?

In NY State, Gov. Paterson appointed a Gun Rights friendly Democrat in fill Hillary Clinton’s seat.   Let’s see what other stuff she’s into: Here’s where Gillibrand stands on some key issues: She supports same-sex marriage, abortion rights and withdrawing troops … Continue reading

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1m 34s worth of Activism

Sebastian mentions: My hat is off to you Stephen Sweeney, for realizing what the real solution is to criminal gun use.  Everyone should contact Senator Sweeney here, and thank him for not supporting this nonsense So I did.  On the … Continue reading

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Gun Community Laziness

Over at War on Guns,  I noticed David wrote this: We have a chance to oppose someone who is a proven enemy of gun rights. So far, the response from the “gun community,” including the raising of awareness and calls … Continue reading

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