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Sock Puppetry Gone Wild

A few weeks ago, I was bored at work and decided to make up some numbers, while I pulled this out of my ass, turns out it’s looking very plausible. You see, CeasefireNJ has finally discovered the twitterverse, and they … Continue reading

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#antigunblobby on Twitter

Slow day at work means I surf the intertubes and twatterverse. While I’m no statistician, I’d wager these figures are pretty accurate regarding people following anti gunners twitter accounts; 60% fellow members of the anti gun blobby 30% are gunnies … Continue reading

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Where is everybody?

Zuccotti Park last night from the northwest corner.  Guess everybody was still out for the cyber Monday sales.

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Parking Ticket

Got a parking ticket yesterday because I was being a layabout and didn’t get out of the way of the street cleaner in time. And you know the anti gun blobby has wet dreams about making mundane things like this … Continue reading

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Phil Ochs

I started listening to Phil Ochs over the past few years, I’m not into that prehippiedrippy folk muzak too much, can’t fuckin’ stand Dylan, but something in Phil Ochs music appeals to me. Watched the documentary about him, There But … Continue reading

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Just got a couple things of Diamondback Black.  I dig the label.     Not sure what they mean by *For Black Powder Firearms Only*…….since I use black in all my firearms.       For the past 2 years, … Continue reading

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Live Blog Test.

Tying one on at the Blog Bash Happy Hour.

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Triple Seven

Went to Muzzleloading black powder match yesterday.  Wasn’t any action shooting, just punching paper at 100yards, 50yards, and pistols at 25yards. I learned that my Winchester 1873 made in 1893, and using .430 big lube boolit sitting on 35grains or … Continue reading

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So I’m currently watching ‘Deathproof’, and the scene where the women are sitting around eating lunch, and talking about how Kim carries a gun. Well typical Bradybot talking points ensue. ‘People who carry guns tend to get shot more’. Then … Continue reading

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Guns and Zombies

Watched the premiere of The Walking Dead last night. Cool. It’s interesting, it’s the first time in a zombie movie where I’ve seen people frown on the use of guns, since the sound of gunfire attracts other zombies.  You can … Continue reading

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